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The White Jacket



I was asked by my friend Elton to shoot his band, The White Jacket, on friday the 17th of June. They were playing at Hard rock Cafe in Honolulu. It was an awesome concert and here are some of the pictures…


Clear night

I was driving home from practice one night and saw this beautiful full moon. I took a couple of pictures and this one came out great.

HDR – Photography version 2.0

So I figured out that i wanted to play around with some High Dynamic Range pictures. I needed some raw materials and headed towards Waikiki with my camera, and my not-so-up-to-par tripod to take some shots. I’ve always wanted to get some good shots of Waikiki’s skyline but never really looked for a good place to shoot it from until today.

So here is the result from that first (or should I say 5) try.

I played around with the settings and figured out that this surrealistic result was what best represented Waikiki today.

My second victime was a tree I was standing next to when I shot the above Waikiki picture. The result… well you decide.

I may have over-saturated it a bit, but given the light outside it looks 100% better than the real deal, and it is still kinda the real deal.