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Tinman Hawai’i 2011

So in good spirit I woke up early Saturday morning to watch and take some pictures of the contestants participating in the 2011 Tinman Triathlon in Hawai’i. I should have participated but ehh…. next year 🙂


Back in the days….

I looked through some of my old photos from the early 2000’s. Found some good ones from the time I was in the Army. I remember the day I shot these. It was the first day of the year the entire sun was visible. Such a beautiful day!

I shot this about four months before the two previous ones. A beautiful autumn day.


Sunset collection

I figured I could start a little sunset collection. I’ve captured a lot of great sunset shots and would like to share some with you every now and then. Enjoy! 🙂

Beautiful people

I have had the privilege of being around a lot of beautiful people. I find it extremely easy to take amazing pictures of the people i spend most of my time with and I have so much fun doing it.

4th of July….

This post should have been all about fireworks, but I didn’t take any pictures of that 🙂

I caught a couple of people walking home after the firework show was over tho

And then we went hiking…

With nothing better to do on a saturday, some friends and I went on a lovely 6 hour hike along one of the ridges in on Oahu.

It should have been a perfect opportunity to shoot some great pictures but the weather gods were not on our side. I still managed to get a few decent shots and the result… well you’ll be the judge of that 🙂

Clear night

I was driving home from practice one night and saw this beautiful full moon. I took a couple of pictures and this one came out great.


It all depends on how you look at things….

Capture the moment….

Here are some random portraits I’ve taken during the last couple of weeks.

Enjoy! 🙂


Opteka test

We had a beautiful full moon tonight and it was the ultimate challenge for my Opteka 500mm lens. Well, I have to say that I’m a little bit disappointed, but oh well, I kinda expected the result. This is taken with the 2x teleconverter on tho, which makes the quality even worse. At least I can see that it is the moon 🙂

The dog is loose

I was a bit bored yesterday and figured I could look for good photo opportunities around the house. The backyard was full of geckos being chased by  our dogs so I tried shooting that but nothing came out the way wanted it to. I got a nice shot of one of the dogs tho 🙂

Life isn’t always black and white….

but sometimes it looks pretty good that way 🙂


HDR – Photography version 2.0

So I figured out that i wanted to play around with some High Dynamic Range pictures. I needed some raw materials and headed towards Waikiki with my camera, and my not-so-up-to-par tripod to take some shots. I’ve always wanted to get some good shots of Waikiki’s skyline but never really looked for a good place to shoot it from until today.

So here is the result from that first (or should I say 5) try.

I played around with the settings and figured out that this surrealistic result was what best represented Waikiki today.

My second victime was a tree I was standing next to when I shot the above Waikiki picture. The result… well you decide.

I may have over-saturated it a bit, but given the light outside it looks 100% better than the real deal, and it is still kinda the real deal.