My world through a lens

HDR – Photography version 2.0

So I figured out that i wanted to play around with some High Dynamic Range pictures. I needed some raw materials and headed towards Waikiki with my camera, and my not-so-up-to-par tripod to take some shots. I’ve always wanted to get some good shots of Waikiki’s skyline but never really looked for a good place to shoot it from until today.

So here is the result from that first (or should I say 5) try.

I played around with the settings and figured out that this surrealistic result was what best represented Waikiki today.

My second victime was a tree I was standing next to when I shot the above Waikiki picture. The result… well you decide.

I may have over-saturated it a bit, but given the light outside it looks 100% better than the real deal, and it is still kinda the real deal.


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